White House commits $160 million to smart cities research

At the Smart Cities Summit in September, Obama outlined a set of inter-departmental and cross-sectional programs aimed at addressing urban issues with smart technology and collaboration.


Digital Urban Histories

In his two terms as Mayor of Atlanta from 1962 to 1970, Ivan Allen, Jr. transformed the city from an economically stagnant and segregated town of the old South into a burgeoning international city at the forefront of civil rights. His leadership spanned business and industry, urban infrastructure, education, the arts, sports, and international relations.

Sweet Auburn Digital Media Initiative

The Sweet Auburn Digital Media Initiative seeks to raise awareness and engage multiple audiences about Sweet Auburn -- a national and international cultural heritage -- through an integrated media strategy.

Urban Policies in Practice

A group of Georgia Tech faculty and graduate students working with the City of Atlanta's Office of Sustainability to devise and implement new energy efficiency policies.